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Ross Brodsky

Creative Director

Ross Brodsky Wedding Photography specializes in telling beautiful wedding stories using videography and photography. RB Wedding Photography proficiency with operating a variety of cameras and a background in audio engineering will prove to be the perfect choice to document your event. We’ll focus on the details of your event and bring all your rare moments together forming
the story of your special day. Your story is so much more than just your wedding day. It’s a personal celebration of your love together and combining of families.

Why Hire RB Wedding Photography?

Customer service is imperative. We pride ourselves in being dedicated and competent. We will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.

We will attend any rehearsal that is local, time permitting.

RB Wedding Photography’s photographers have experience working as a studio and event photographer. This means our photographers have numerous modern poses to use with your bridal party

We can film your entire event or highlight video in HD or 4k. The advantage of filming in 4k is greater resolution.

We specialize in other services too, such as drone videography and commercial videography. See Other Services

About RB Wedding Photography

We combine numerous years of experience with a passion for telling stories in order to deliver a unique video that our customers will love. 

Experience is Paramount, Ross is a seasoned photographer and videographer and knows how to correctly capture crisp, beautiful images as well as document thoroughly. Ross has over 10 years of experience in filming events. RB Weddings creative staff is comprised of photographer, videographers and drone operators from various backgrounds. We have filmed and photographed politicians, and famous celebrities. Regardless of the size or the complexity of the day, we’ll provide complete coverage of your wedding. We are masters of videography, photography, editing and operating a drone. 

Many of our creative team have received IMDB credit and awards for camera work and editing. We’ll use these tools to weave a unique, detailed story about your most personal moments. c can turn almost any dream into a reality. The equipment that we use is state of the art, cutting edge cameras, audio and lighting.

Our DSLR cameras are compact and shoot great in low light, since the ISO range is from 1600 to 51,200. There is a variety of frames to choose from, we can film your event in HD or 4K. The lighting that RB Wedding Photography uses works on a dimmer, has color change variable, so the skin tone is always accurate and is unobtrusive. Our videographers use only the best leading brands in audio production, such as lavaliere microphones and external audio recording devices. RB Wedding Photography editing team uses industry standard editing software and over 6 years of editing experience. RB Wedding Photography highlight videos are contemporary and artistic. 

RB weddings style of remaining unobtrusive and documentary makes it possible to capture raw, candid emotion. RB Wedding Photography is a forward thinking company. We always stay current with the latest technology on the market like 360 cameras. We can do a 360 video of part your wedding.

RB Wedding Photography are certified drone pilots and can provide stunning aerial photos and video of your wedding from a unique aerial perspective. RB Wedding Photography also has experience filming music videos, commercials and real estate using a drone.

We have over 3 years of flying experience for weddings. We are certified drone operates and have part 107 certification. RB Wedding Photography can film your wedding in HD or 4K. Our drones use a sensor zoom feature, which even the furthest detail will appear sharp and up close.

RB Wedding Photography is very detail oriented and believes in exceeding every clients’ expectations. RB Wedding Photography is fortunate that brides and grooms consider using our company to capture their once in a lifetime magical day. It is our privilege to provide the best photography, videography and drone coverage possible for your next wedding or event. RB Wedding Photography has been filming weddings for a decade and producing beautiful, cinematic films clients love. Our films are more than just videos that were made in a haphazard way. RB Wedding Photography uses a DSLR camera as a tool to form the story about your event. 

RB Wedding Photography are always prepared for whatever situation may occur, but it’s always a good to know as much information about an event as possible. We will attend any event in the local South Florida area.

We specialize in other services too, such as drone videography and commercial videography. See Other Services

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