Here Comes the Drone!

In this post we'll explore the 'ins and outs' of drone photography and weddings. We'll explain reasons why it's so cool and talk about some must know facts before you book, read on...

Wedding videos nowadays are absolutely beautiful! They capture beautiful cinematic masterpieces like never before. Wedding videos used to be about capturing the moments, but that was it. They would capture the groom and bride walking down the aisle, the toasts, the cake cutting, and the dance. While these are all nice, they don’t exactly convey the feelings that were felt on that memorable day. However, wedding videography has completely changed. Videographers put in so much work to not only capture what’s happening but to tell a romantic story about two lovers sharing their special day in the most intimate way with those who are close to them.

This includes having multiple cameras coming from a variety of different angles, wedding footage, having music, but also aerial footage. Drone photography & drone videos are an absolute game-changer when it comes to capturing that special moment. Not only is it creative, cool, and fun, but it also brings in a completely different perspective to the whole event. As stated earlier, modern-day videographers try to make their wedding videos cinematic, and having a drone helps a lot. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to have a drone at your wedding. We’re going to discuss some of the most notable reasons why and how they can perfectly help with capturing memorable moments like weddings.

Stunning Overhead Shots of the Ceremony

This also includes beautiful videos and imagery of the location the wedding is in and the scenery itself.  Whether your wedding is in the north of Florida or South Florida, you know about the beauty this state has. The Floridian landscapes are just breathtaking, but having aerial footage helps make it so much better. South Florida has some of the best locations on Earth to capture the beach, the sand, the sunsets. Beach weddings in Florida are perfect, plus they’re a very fun way to have some mother nature incorporated into the wedding. Who doesn’t love the beach!

Overhead view of a stunning blue ocean, beach and trees

Drones Bring a Whole New Perspective to Your Day

Nobody would want to have their whole wedding day be nothing but drone videos and aerial shots. But it’s going to make a massive difference by incorporating it in! Drones can help with capturing emotions, moments, and can help in embracing the camera equipment that will be used for your photos and videos throughout your wedding day. Overall, drone shots are going to help, they’re very tasteful and they can make even the most “basic” of scenes look beautiful. It truly can make a world of a difference, especially when combining these drone shots with the right music, creative thoughts, and placements within the editing.

Drones are also exceptional at recording areas that are harder to reach or something videographers and photographers won’t be able to capture. If the couple is eloping, such as having a destination wedding on a mountain, hill, or cliff, then these hard-to-film areas are perfect for that. But even if the couple is just wanting some photos in a hard-to-reach area for photos (not the actual wedding itself), drones are still the perfect option.

Drone Wedding Photography and Videography Is Growing in Popularity

Creating a cinematic wedding movie, and a tastefully edited photo book have both become very popular and have risen in demand over the last few years. It’s completely understandable why! This is a new way to relive this wonderful day! There are new perspectives, new styles, and these cinematic wedding movies are almost like a little masterpiece starring you and your loved one. This is something that can be a major hit! Especially to friends and family who weren’t able to see your big day.

aerial shot via drone capturing bride and groom, family at wedding table waving to camera

Are There Any Negatives to Having a Drone at the Wedding?

There are some minor negatives to drones, but it depends on the drone pilot and what they’re doing. One of the biggest complaints is that drones are very noisy. If your ceremony is indoors, then you won’t need to worry about any loud drones. However, if your ceremony or reception is outside, then chances are, you and your guest are going to hear the drone. Most videographers know to not have their drone out during the ceremony itself.

This is something that can be too distracting and there’s the possibility of the loud noise being in the ground footage from the other videographers that are present. If you’re hiring your photographer, videographer, and your drone pilot from the same company such as Ross Brodsky Wedding Photography, then there will be discussion and special planning for when the drone will be present so it doesn’t interfere with the wedding itself.

Some venues may not allow drones. As unfortunate as it is, there is the potential that some drones will flat out not allow drones flying over the area. While most wedding venues are very approachable, if you haven’t chosen your wedding yet, and you’re wanting a drone to be present, you’ll need to ask the venues first. You’ll also have to talk to your videographer about the drones so they can make sure that they have all the appropriate permissions. 

While this needs to be put into consideration, you’ll also need to think about the designated fly zones within Florida. Drone pilots can’t just fly their drones anywhere they want. There are special zones. Even if your wedding venue is completely okay with it, if the venue is in a no-fly zone then you’ll sadly have to skip out on aerial footage. For both of these reasons, it’s incredibly important to do thorough research and to make sure that the venue you choose is not only okay with a drone flying above, but the wedding venue is in a zone where it’s okay to fly.

Is it Worth Getting Aerial Videography and Photos?

It’s entirely up to you. Many couples love drone shots and they believe that it adds something more to their big event. They’re great for adding new perceptive, cool shots, and it’s something very creative. But it’s all up to you, your partner, and what you both think is necessary. 

Feel free to reach out to us so we can help you make an informed decision regarding drone photography & videography and your special day. Contact us today!

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