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RB Visuals, Philadelphia, PA offers drone photography and videography in a wide range of sectors. We specialise in drone aerial photography, and we take pride in providing the best shots and video to our customers. With our 10 years plus experience in the field of photography, RB Visuals have become synonymous with creating the best quality aerial shots in advertising, property sectors, television, sports, corporate and personal event. We also hold Part 107 Certification for flying our drones. Our experienced and highly skilled drone pilots will visit with you at the site and understand the locale and your requirement before the day of the shoot. With drone- aerial photography, RB Visuals will give you images from perfect angles from the sky. Our passion is to create unparallel dynamic and beautiful imagery and footage for you suing our drones. We also ensure that we keep up-to-date with the latest technology and keep updating them as they progress. How Can You Benefit From Aerial-Drone Photography?

  1. Get a high-quality aerial view from almost height.
  2. Receive unique perspective and angles.
  3. No longer a photographer will miss a moment.
  4. Unique sports pictures and angles that were unachievable before.
  5. Candid wildlife pictures without putting oneself in risk.
  6. News reporting photos and videos more realistic without getting into danger.
  7. Real-estate companies can capture low-level images.
  8. Quick survey of large tracts of lands.
  9. Filmmakers are using it to get the ideal shot for commercial films (low and high budget) and documentary films where the camera can hover and crash


RB Visuals

Why Us?

There are many drone-aerial photography agencies in business but what sets us apart from others is our inherent understanding and passion in creating amazing photographic images and footage from air and ground. RB Visuals, Philadelphia PA prides in providing the following for every shot:

Quality image you are looking for.

  1. 4K filming with drones.
  2. 4K audio quality.
  3. Working closely with audio engineers.
  4. Use of Low-Light Cameras.
  5. Knowledge about how to use natural light for shooting.
  6. Understand the best time of the day to get the lighting that will provide the.
  1. We offer high-quality stills which are 50 megapixels upwards.
  2. You get 360-degree panoramic retouching.
  3. In-house video editing services.
  4. Retouching of the raw footage to make you stand out from your competition.
  5. Animation and virtual interactive reality tour videos.
  6. Markups and image overlays.

These are some of our specialities. We have proved to be an agency with an untarnished safety record in drone aerial photography. We understand our client’s requirement in having quality photography within deadlines. RB Visuals have been providing them consistently to help our client achieve their goals.

Who We Have Worked For We have worked on a range of aerial drone video and photography projects for:

  1. Advertising agencies.
  2. Commercial and residential real estate agencies.
  3. Television and film production houses.
  4. Assets inspection.
  5. Survey works.
  1. Corporate and private events.
  2. Weddings.
  3. Tourism.
  4. Sport.
  5. 3D render artist.

If you require drone-aerial photography and video solution for any event contact us now to discuss your requirement.

RB Visuals

RB Visuals Wedding Videography specializes in telling beautiful wedding stories using videography and our professional training in fine arts cinematography. We combine our years of experience with a passion for telling stories, to deliver visual heirlooms you’ll treasure forever.

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Our Packages

Your imagination is limitless, and so are our photography and videography capabilities. For ideas that don’t fit nicely into predefined service packages, we’re here to help. Whether you need specialized scheduling, customizable photography or videography services, or locations to help you stand out, we can provide the photography and videography services you need to set your creative side free and bring your ideas to life. Choose from our affordable packages or contact us for a customizable service quote.

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