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Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging

RB Visuals is one of the few drone operators and service providers who offer drone aerial thermal imaging. With our team of drone pilots, photographers and videographers, we have helped many businesses with the technology. Our Part 107 Certifications on drone operation makes us one of the few agencies in Philadelphia who offers such a wide range of professional visual and audio services with a drone. What Is Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging? Drone cameras with thermal imaging technology translate the heat (thermal) energy into detectable light. This light can be used to analyse a scene or an object. The image that is produced is called a thermogram, and the analysing process is called thermography. Drone aerial thermal imaging camera used by RB Visuals Philadelphia PA takes the process of thermal imaging to the next level. While measuring the temperature, you will not just get the temperature but also the effects that temperature is causing. The difference on the surface the temperature variation is making is visible with the Radiometric capability. As a client with our drone aerial thermal imaging, you don’t just get the numbers of the temperatures differences but spot the temperature readings too.

Generally, Aerial Thermal Imaging is of two types:

  1. Straight-down view, which is often used for getting the view of a larger area.
  2. Long distance view, the process in which within a limited span of time a stretch of an areaneeds to be covered.


RB Visuals

In most cases, while infrared coverage is done during the night to avoid the solar radiation of the daylight that can affect the imagery. At RB Visuals, we use drone areal thermal imaging technique that is qualified to take thermal images at night. Where Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging Is Used

  1. Firefighters to see through smoke, locate people and localize fire hotspots.
  2. Search and rescue operations.
  3. Law enforcement use it for surveillance of activities in correction and other facilities, locate suspects and apprehend them.
  4. Investigate crime scenes.
  5. Power line maintenance to identify joints that can overheat and prevent them.
  6. Identify faulty thermal insulation in construction work.
  1. Environmental impact survey.
  2. Agricultural land survey.
  3. Animal counts.
  4. Roof moisture surveys.
  5. Thermal mapping of an area.
  6. Examination of a landfill site.
  7. Examination of an underground stream system.

Why Us?

RB Visuals, Philadelphia, PA, is one of the leading drone aerial thermal imaging agencies in the USA. Our drone experts have been in this industry for 10 plus years. We offer

  1. 4K filming with drones.
  2. Use of Low-Light Cameras.
  3. We offer high-quality stills which are 50 megapixels upwards.
  1. You get a 360-degree panoramic view.
  2. Retouching of the raw footage To benefit from the Drone Aerial thermal imaging, contact us now.
RB Visuals

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