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Drone Inspection

Access the impossible areas with our drone inspection services. RB Visuals drones will provide 3D Mapping of the entire area and give an in depth, detailed inspection of the entire facility.

RB Visuals, have over 10 years of experience in photography and videography. We’re one of the leading drone agencies, offering a wide range of services to a variety of industries, such as the following;

  1. Consumer Brands;In this media driven age the business with the flashiest logo or hippest commercial gets more views than a paper brochure. An image is worth a thousand words. Most people don’t have time to stop and read a brochure, but everybody goes to the internet for information,
  2. Real estate; Realtors are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and have potential buyers notice their listing. Filming real estate with a drone will definitely get your listing noticed,
  3. Sporting Events; Our experienced drone operators are part 107 certified. They are skilled at following the action using a drone. Drones are a terrific way to capture the entire action of the game from an aerial view point.
  4. Film Productions; Drones are an affordable solution to get that amazing aerial shot for your next film production. Drones can cover a large amount of area in a short period of time, meanwhile they’re more affordable and produce a much steadier, sharper image than hiring a videographer to film aerial footage from a moving helicopte.
  5. Roof Inspections; RB Visuals drone pilots have experience flying a drone for numerous clients for roof inspections. We will fly our drones at various altitudes to get various shots fo the roof,
  6. Agricultural Farms; Drones are capable of covering large amounts of land in a short period of time; therefore, they are ideal for agriculture.


RB Visuals

What separates RB Visuals from the competition?

Finished Product;

1. Professionalism; ; Our customers come first. RB Visuals is completely dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations.

2. Competitively priced; We price our service according to the market trend and depending on the project.

3. 4K Filming; Our drones are capable fo filming in a variety fo frame formats. The advantage fo filming in 4K is greater clarity and more pixels per image.

4. High-Quality Photos; DJI drone cameras take photos that are 19.962 mega pixels.

5. Photo and Video Editing of Images; ;All the editing of videos and photos is done in our editing.

6. 3D Mapping; ; RB Visuals offers 3D Mapping, which is a picture of the terrain of the land and is beneficial for contractors and land surveying.

  1. Title; Our creative team will design a professional logo, 15 Markups and image overlays.
  2. USB drive; Completed video and all of the photos from the project placed onto a flash drive.
  3. Link to video; Private link to view the photos and videos online.

RB Visuals drone inspection services offer the experience necessary when the project has to be completed quickly, accurately and safely. Our drones are equipped with obstacle avoidance technology, 4K cameras that have excellent low light sensitivity. With the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced cameras can get high quality 4K images even in the roughest terrain and tightest spaces.

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RB Visuals is one of the few drone operators and service providers who offer drone aerial thermal imaging. With our team of drone pilots, photographers and videographers, we have helped many businesses with obtaining aerial imaging. Our certified part 107 drone operators makes us one of the few agencies who offer such a wide range of professional aerial visual services.

RB Visuals Wedding Videography specializes in telling beautiful wedding stories using videography and our professional training in fine arts cinematography. We combine our years of experience with a passion for telling stories, to deliver Wedding Photography and Videography you’ll treasure forever.

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Our Packages

Your imagination is limitless, and so are our photography and videography capabilities. We are able to custom tailor our package according to your needs.Each customer is an individual and has individual needs, RB Visuals will do whatever is required to exceed our customers needs. We are your dependable photography, videography team. Film and photography has a lot of moving parts and can be confusing, if you have any questions we are to help and are available when you need us. We are committed to your project, even after you receive your finished product, we will be available anytime you need us. RB Visuals has the experience and talent to help you set your creative side free and bring your dream into reality. Choose from our competitively priced packages or contact us for a customizable service quote.

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