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As a golfer, you must have often wondered how wonderful it would have been if you can review your golfing footage or get a glimpse of the entire golf course before you visit it. Irrespective of you being an avid golfer or a golf course owner, RB Visuals will help you film the whole golf course. As a filming agency with numerous years of experience and licensed drone pilots with Part 107 certification,

Why Us?
Whether you are a golf course proprietor or a golfer, we will start following your course from the beginning of the game to the end.
RB Visuals will also handover the raw footage of the recording. All these will be given to you in a USB drive for your easy access.

  1. Edited photographs and video of the game.
  2. Raw (unedited) footage of the game.

Apart from these, as part of our Golf course drone video and photography, RB Visuals provide the

We Specialise In Our expertise in golf course drone photography and videography has been developed into the following:

  1. For each hole, a smooth one takes fly-through videos.
  2. The Per Round: We perfected this shot. In this, the drones follow the flight of each shot taken from the tee to the green.
  3. 360 aerial panoramas: We offer 360 aerial panoramas and a bird’s eye view of the course. Our team of experts at RB Visuals can also create a 3D virtual tour for your clients.

Gold Drone

RB Visuals Wedding

With our Golf Course Drone videography and photographs, you will not only enjoy the game you have played and correct them too. As a golf course owner, RB Visuals, aerial drone photography will give you an edge over your competitors by luring your potential customers to your business. To enjoy the works of RB Visuals, golf course drone experts, contact us now.

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RB Visuals Wedding Videography specializes in telling beautiful wedding stories using videography and our professional training in fine arts cinematography. We combine our years of experience with a passion for telling stories, to deliver visual heirlooms you’ll treasure forever.

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Your imagination is limitless, and so are our photography and videography capabilities. For ideas that don’t fit nicely into predefined service packages, we’re here to help. Whether you need specialized scheduling, customizable photography or videography services, or locations to help you stand out, we can provide the photography and videography services you need to set your creative side free and bring your ideas to life. Choose from our affordable packages or contact us for a customizable service quote.

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