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RB Visuals is one of the leading film companies in the state. We are a specialized, passionate team of photographers and videographers that have been working in the industry for over a decade. RB Visuals offers photography, videography and even drone videography, photography. Over the years, we have helped many real estate agencies and property developers across the state separate themselves and increase their profit margin by implementing this new drone technology into their work force.

Attract More Buyers To Your Listing

As a real estate agent, you want your buyers to purchase property. By using drones to help take pictures of real estate, you will be able to attract more high end clientele. Since your innovative and unique way of marketing real estate with drone photography and videography, it will separate your company from the rest of the competition. We live in a world that is driven by media, whether its a photograph, video or graphic design more customers will view it faster, especially if its on the internet and becomes viral. RB Visuals remote pilot will fly a drone to achieve amazing shots of the property, fully encompassing the entire property in one single image. A drone can capture a shot from a vantage angle only possible from a quadcopter. A video or a photograph of real estate posted on the internet from a drone will get more viral views and attract more traffic to your listing than using a paper pamphlet. A picture tells a thousand words. These are a few of the many benefits of using a drone.

  1. Aerial footage from a vantage point of view; RB Visuals drone pilots are certified and have many years of experience in capturing footage from a vantage point of view, which would be impossible to do without flying a drone.
  2. Video and Photography streaming; We live in a world that is driven by what we see on the internet or television. RB Visuals will upload your photos and videos onto a private screening area on the internet. Our creative team will supply a link to view your video and photos online. The more views your video and photos receive the faster your video will go viral and customers will browse your website or visit your store much quicker.
  3. Filming the property; RB Visuals will film the property in real time and instantly post it onto YouTube and FaceBook. By filming the property in real time, it will eliminate any unnecessary time for the relator required to be onsite and enable him to instantly view the property.

Real Estate

RB Visuals

RB Visuals helps real-estate agents get their listing noticed and attract potential customers to purchase property. RB Visuals can film your video in real time and post it directly onto various social media platforms. RB Visuals is committed to providing prompt service. Our drone pilots have numerous years of experience in flying drones for many different jobs, such as events, commercials, construction, real estate and roof inspections. We’ll ensure our team of photographers, videographers and drone operators at RB Visuals captures all of the images of the property, which will include panoramic shots, overhead shots, and images from different angles. RB Visuals drones use 4K cameras. The project is completed within 36-48 hours or we could expedite the service and possibly have it done within 24 hours for an additional fee. Our drone service includes:

  1. Real Estate; Filming and photography of real estate in HD or 4K, 4K resolution quality provides greater image quality and more pixels per image.
  2. Aerial footage; Its important to stay ahead of the competition. By using a drone, you will be able to market the property in a unique way.
  3. High-quality Images; Our drone camera can take photos at 19.962 megapixels pictures.
  4. Streaming; RB Visuals can do live streaming of properties on YouTube and Facebook, it eliminates the need for the realtor to be on site and allows the buyer see the property in real time.
  5. Video and photo editing; We don’t out source any video or photos to be edited, instead RB Visuals edits everything in house, therefore we can keep track of the editing process and ensure that the finished product looks amazing.
  6. Virtual interactive, RB Visuals does virtual interactive videos too, which is performed using a 360 camera. RB Visuals will use a 360 camera to do photography or video of the property and create a virtual tour using the pictures or videography.
  7. Markups and image overlays, RB Visuals professional creative team will create a professional title for your project along with 15 mark ups.

RB Visuals Wedding Videography specializes in telling beautiful wedding stories using videography and our professional training in fine arts cinematography. We combine our years of experience with a passion for telling stories, to deliver Wedding Photography and Videography you’ll treasure forever.

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Our Packages

Your imagination is limitless, and so are our photography and videography capabilities. We are able to custom tailor our package according to your needs.Each customer is an individual and has individual needs, RB Visuals will do whatever is required to exceed our customers needs. We are your dependable photography, videography team. Film and photography has a lot of moving parts and can be confusing, if you have any questions we are to help and are available when you need us. We are committed to your project, even after you receive your finished product, we will be available anytime you need us. RB Visuals has the experience and talent to help you set your creative side free and bring your dream into reality. Choose from our competitively priced packages or contact us for a customizable service quote.

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